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This is really fucking powerful.


This is really fucking powerful.



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Missouri Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson is marching with protestors in Fergoson, MO.

After being given control of Ferguson from the Missouri Governor, Johnson has ordered all police to remove their masks and cease their violent tactics. He is protecting the citizens’ right to peaceful protest, and is actively engaging in dialogue with protesting residents.


Oh no, guys!
The wrong officer’s address and information was leaked and how he’s receiving death threats! How dare someone be wrongfully accused and put in danger! He could be hurt! Or even killed! For something he didn’t do! Human beings don’t deserve that!
Sike. Leak every motherfucking Ferguson police offer’s address and information. Welcome to the other side of a stereotype, boys. This one’s for Big Mike.

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John Legend living up to his name

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Palestinians are coming to the aid of Ferguson

Palestinian activists are taking to Twitter with their support and some cases, helpful tips on dealing with things like tear gas.

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White men getting drunk and assaulting and raping women and destroying property every fucking weekend are just “boys being boys”, but black people peacefully protesting the cold blooded murder of a child deserve to have tear gas thrown at them?



LITERALLY how can this petition possibly still be struggling to break 70k signatures?? are you against more measures to keep cops from killing black people in the streets? in their own homes? please signal boost this petition to all your social media sites.

This is the petition literally:

"Petitioning President Barack Obama:  Please Enact New Federal Laws to Protect Citizens from Police Violence and Misconduct"

Signal boost the shit out of this.